Hugues Lagache
conseil en motricité infantile
5, rue de Choques - 59158 Maulde - France
Siret: 34414232800014
956 rue E. Loubry , 59970 Fresnes - France
N° Formateur: 31590727259


posture, motor function, child development

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who are we...?

Child development:

Main markers of the posural and motor development
Questions and definitions about the development
Motor education, myth or reality...?

Pathological development:

The central coordination disorder(C.C.D.)
Cerebral palsy (C.P.)
Fitting for C.P. children


The Vojta concept
Neurophysiological basis and specificity of the Vojta therapy
More about the reflex locomotion
The proprioceptive vibratory stimulation , NEW..!
See the video about the vibratory stimulation

Documentation and Training:

Other european sites and training recommended places
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